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The bc365游戏咨询中心 is committed to creating a safe, welcoming, and affirming 人人享有环境. This includes 学生 who access our services as well as all individuals who are part of our University community. We recognize that each individual is unique while at the same time living within larger diverse communities.

We strive to make the bc365游戏 咨询服务 a safe place where individuals can strengthen their self-acceptance, confidence, and comfort with their own individual identities.



项目 are planned by the 咨询服务 Office each semester.  这些项目 广告在校园里都有吗. 

A range of issues that 咨询服务 may be helpful with include:

  • 解决冲突
  • 解决问题
  • feeling stressed out or anxious
  • 调整困难
  • have something you've never told anyone but feel you should
  • received counseling in the past and considering services again
  • 酗酒或吸毒
  • 吃得太多或太少
  • feel as though you can’t go on
  • 关系问题

学生 often find comfort and assistance when 会说话的 with a bc365游戏 faculty or staff. Having a listening ear and providing support can be essential in helping a student. There are also times when it’s more appropriate to encourage a student to seek services from a licensed mental health professional. If you are unsure how to respond to a student, you can consult with the bc365游戏 Counselor by calling the office number: (870) 460-1554.

In general, it’s a good idea to refer a student to counseling when:

  • The student is using an ineffective and potentially self-destructive coping strategy 处理问题:处理问题(如.e. excessive alcohol or drug use, withdrawing from others, 自杀的念头)
  • The problem the student is experiencing has been on-going for an extended period of time without relief and student’s attempts to resolve it have been unsuccessful
  • Student appears stuck in an overwhelmed or panicked state.
  • Support from yourself and/or others have not adequately alleviated the student’s problem.

How to refer a student to counseling:

  • Remind the student that counseling services are at no costs to currently enrolled 学生.
  • Reassure the student that recognizing a problem and reaching out for help are signs of maturity and strength, not weakness.
  • Allow the student to use your phone to make the phone call with the counseling center and stay with the student during the initial contact; or, you may offer them the opportunity 私下打个电话.
  • Offer to walk the student over to the bc365游戏咨询中心.
  • Communicate your positive feelings about the student’s decision to seek counseling.


  • Frequently missing class or arriving late
  • Complaints of inability to concentrate or focus even with small tasks
  • Difficulty retaining information or remembering material
  • Apathy, chronic fatigue, consistently falling asleep in class
  • Drastic changes in their moods, behaviors, personal appearances, and neglect to hygiene
  • Dramatic shifts in quality of performance or academic tasks
  • 社会 behavior changes that may include withdrawal, inability to sit still, emotional 爆发
  • References to death, suicidal statements or allusions
  • Reporting a recent life crisis, such as a death in the family, divorce or relationship changes, legal issues, job loss, or serious illness
  • 躯体抱怨(i).e. stomach aches, headaches, or frequent illnesses)

How to approach a student in distress:

  • You may choose to approach the student rather than waiting for the student to ask 为了帮助自己. If so, ask the student to wait after class to talk in private. You can also ask the student to drop by your office or make an appointment.
  • Once in a private setting, express your concern with the student and share what you have observed in the student’s recent behavior.
  • If the student discloses a problem, try to allow the student to discuss it openly. Your concern can be conveyed by listening in a calm, accepting, and non-judgmental 的方式. If you do not feel comfortable with the discussion, you can:
    • Support the student and suggest they talk with a counselor.
    • You can then give the student the counselor’s information (i.e. 办公地点、办公室 电话号码和电子邮件).
    • Offer to walk them over to the 咨询 Center.
  • Sometimes a student will not want to discuss a problem. 在这种情况下,您可以简单地 share your concern and inform the student about available counseling services in the bc365游戏咨询中心. Remember, you cannot help someone who is not ready to be helped.




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